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To Sub-Brand or Not To Sub-Brand?

14 Oct

We’re involved with a client who has an interesting dilemma. They have a strong brand in their broad category, but the services they offer — while nominally falling within the same broad business category — appeal to some very disparate customer needs. So a customer aware of a particular service from this company may not think to consider them for some of their other services, not because the company doesn’t market well or their brand isn’t consistent, but because the fit between their services isn’t intuitive.

The answer, of course, is sub-branding, establishing a set of “Service by Company” brands under which the company can organize their services in a way that makes them easier for people to understand. This solution has several other advantages, too. The set of sub-brands quickly broadens the perception of the company’s offerings, while continuing to build equity in the umbrella brand. It also enables the company to market particular sets of services under more specific brand names to create more immediate connections. One more thing that may not be so apparent: the new sub-brand structure helps the company’s employees and channel partners make better sense of the brand, helping them sell it.

And, oh yes, creating sub-brands is a little extra bit of news to throw into the PR hopper. Good for customers, good for partners, good for the company!